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Helena Jakoube

Helena Jakoube

Handstands instructor

"If someone bites into it, they will find that it is a complex exercise that will give someone a lot, not only physically but also mentally."

Helena is a graphic designer who has an unconventional passion. She is a handstand instructor. How did she get into this non-traditional sports activity? "Somehow I always returned to doing handstands during my life, whether it was through yoga, pole dance or other exercises. At the beginning, I started doing the handstands exercises as a child, as I was involved in gymnastics. Last year I started teaching handstands and now during the lockdown I started to do more. People started calling me because they would like to learn, which is great," says Helena.

During the pandemic, she began adding tips on her instagram on how to improve a handstand or exercises aimed at improving strength and flexibility in the form of short videos and as she says, a sudden avalanche of more and more people started watching. Some people were so excited about watching Helena doing it that she started receiving calls because they wanted to learn how to do a handstand properly. They also contacted her if they had a problem with something, they couldn’t succeed at and she was always willing to help.

Helena thinks that the numbers of passionate supporters of this activity will be increasing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. "I have several students who like to share it on social media networks, through which a lot of other people see the posts and say that they also want to learn it. However, there are many people who try this sport and get discouraged because results will not come after  two, three or five lessons but after one year of disciplined work before they learn a good quality handstand. On the contrary, if someone bites into it, they will find that it is a complex exercise that will give someone a lot, not only physically but also mentally, " Helena explains the positives of this exercise.

At the end of the interview, we also outlined the issue of using technology in the world of fitness and sports. What is Helen's opinion? "I have little experience with reservation systems from yoga studios. It's great, because you save time and have everything at hand, you don't have to write any e-mails or call clients.  Thanks to SportPass, I have everything clearly displayed, with a few clicks, ”praises the young graphic designer.

If you would like to learn more about handstands or Helena herself, do not hesitate to visit her website