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Barbora Wainerova

Barbora Wainerova

Owner at Heroes GYM

“It's challenging, but every loving mother takes care of her baby, doing what she can. And some tragic approach, why this happened to us, will not help anything.”

Barbora is a veterinary graduate and has never been a professional in sports. Since she is the mother of three children, she began to exercise to get back in shape after birth and regain her lost shape. Today she is the owner of a successful Prague fitness center Heroes GYM, which she introduced to us. 

“We are a family fitness center, albeit not classical. We don't have classic machines that you know from other gyms. We work mainly with the weight of our own body. We offer several programs where we focus on circular training for both men and women then we have special programs. One is called Heroes mums. It is for mothers with children, because it seems to me that there is nowhere to go to exercise and take the baby with you. We also have exercises for mothers who are just after birth, ”says the owner. 

It was Heroes mums that recently celebrated its first anniversary. It is interesting for parents that they can use their own children as weights during training. “A year ago when I started, those moms were four. She was my girlfriend and her girlfriends and now I have some eighty I have who come to practice regularly with me, ”she recalls Barbora's beginnings. 

This gym also offers strength programs such as Ladies transformation for women and Men’s transformation designed to develop male strength and muscle mass. The goal of the gym is also to keep trainings different and fun for people. Heroes GYM focuses on group exercises. 

“We practice teamwork. You can find a good group of people here. People start coming to us first because they have a bad condition, but later they get to know people who practice regularly here. Then they come here for their sake. That keeps them with us because it's fun. They have friends with whom they like to kneel even after training. And that's great when one sees it has an effect. They are also improving their condition, and that is another thing that keeps them working out ”, says a multiple mother. You will learn that this likable and successful woman does not always have a rose on her life in the second installment of her story. 

However, Barbara is first of all a loving wife and mother of three children. How is she doing it all together? “With the three, it's really a massacre at times, that's right. But especially because Christine has cerebral palsy and has her requirements, it is unrealistic for me to go to some normal work. I always will be a mum first. If I was working in my field of study, I could not imagine having 12 hour or weekend services because my child needs me and will still need me. The goal is to take care of her in the first place, ”says Barbora. With Kristina, she goes to a physiotherapist, and as her mother remembers, she considers the treatment to be very effective. 

“What we do is very effective. Fortunately, we are already at a time when the neurorehabilitation is at a good level and new things are still coming from abroad. Kristina really works intensively. Now, she is quite big, but we started with Vojta's method several months ago and did it a few times a day and we are continuing with intense neurorehabilitation. It was very difficult in the beginning but now she is making a lot of progress. 

It's such a little miracle. She recently celebrated her 5th birthday and is starting to walk with me holding her hand. Although not easy, she is very tenacious and militant. The biggest problem is that what really works, which can help you, is not covered by insurance companies, so we have to pay for it ourselves, ”describes Barbora's daughter's treatment. Although it is not easy, she tries to look at things optimistically. “It's challenging, but every loving mother takes care of her baby, doing what she can. And some tragic approach, why this happened to us, will not help anything, ”says the mom of three. Therefore, if you want to find positive energy, we recommend visiting Prague fitness center Heroes GYM, where you can meet smiling Barbara personally.