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Reservation system for Crossfit gyms

SportPass is the perfect solution for your Crossfit gym. Manage reservations, payments and let the system work for you. We automate 90% of daily duties with our smart solution.

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Activites for Crossfit

Skupinové lekce

Multiple payment options

Hodiny s osobním strenérem

Organize events

Pronájem center a kurtů

Invite friends for customers

Reservation system features

Manage lessons and clients

1 or more venues

iFrame and personal website

Unique link to every lesson

Online lessons

Notifications on available spots

Credit card payments

Activity feed: reservations, cancellations, etc.

Cancellation and reservation policy

Manage free rooms or private lessons

Packages, season passes, credits and more

Create customer groups

Private app for clients

Waiting list

Easy lessons sharing

Events suitable for workshops and more



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