Registration for customers

Customers can register only if they are invited by gym owners, trainers, friends or through public gym profiles.

  1. Find invitation in email or click “Register” when popup comes up on the public gym profile
  2. Fill out your email and password
  3. Fill out your first name, last name, optional phone number and note
  4. Check terms of use and privacy policy
  5. Confirm captcha and register
  6. Click on confirmation link in email (check SPAM or PROMOTIONS in Gmail)
  7. Login


If you are registered, you can login here: https://app.sportpass.me/

Reserve activity

  1. Click on the activity you want to reserve
  2. You can reserve the one you selected or following activities at the bottom of the page
  3. Click “Reserve”
  4. Done. Now you can see your reservation in “My reservations”

Reserve service

Your gym can offer services like private lessons or open tennis courts. You can specify the time which you like and reserve.

  1. Click on the “+” button in weekly view or the green line in daily view
  2. Specify your location, select trainer if available
  3. Specify your desired time
  4. Done. Now you can see your reservation in “My reservations”

Cancel activity or service

  1. Click “My reservations in the menu”
  2. Open service detail
  3. Press “X”

Caution: If your gym has cancellation policy in place and you are cancelling activity or service when it is already in place, they might charge you for your reservation. 

Waiting list

You can reserve waiting list if the capacity is full or you can also be notified when a service of your desired time opens up. Simply by reserving that particular activity or service. You will be notified when a new spot opens up.

Invite friends

You can invite friends to activities simply by copying the activity link in activity detail.

  1. Go to activity detail
  2. Click share or copy the link from your browser
  3. Paste it via Facebook Messenger, Email or Whatsapp

When your friends register or login they will accept the invitation.